Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Onesie Remakes-Great Ideas

Need a quick fix for a boring onesie? I love buying cheap white onesies or even using old white onesies and remaking them using my scrap pile. It is so easy and an instant way to add personality, and creativity to any onesie. Who says babies can't have personal style right?

So what are some ideas for these remakes?

-adding a tie 
-adding suspenders

-necklace (fabric paint or fabric)

 Here are some easy onesie remakes I have made recently.

Iron on some wonder under to a piece of scrap fabric. Cut out small circles (I used a large button as my pattern). Sew some ric rac in the shape of a U. Iron on your circles and then stitch around the edges to hold them in place. Add a bow just to finish it off. (I used fabric glue to hold the bow together and then hand stitched it onto the onesie.)

Another option is making a single ruffle down the front of a onesie and adding buttons to form a placket of sorts. I serged the edges of my scrap piece, sewed a basting stitch down the middle for the gather, and then attached it to the front of a onesie. Add the buttons and you are done.

 Finally add some ruffles along the neckline. I cut 3 pieces of scrap fabric all 1.5" x 24". For the top ruffle I turned over the top and sewed it down to make a nice, clean edge. For the rest of the ruffle I used my serger along the edges and sides (you could zig zag as well). Then I sewed a gathering stitch along the top of each ruffle. Simply lay the ruffles beginning with the top and layering each under the above ruffle sewing them in place on top of the gathered stitch.

All three onesie remakes took no more than 1 hour together and makes a great gift for any expecting mom. Even if it is yourself (hehe).

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Oh my gosh, looking at onesies makes me so baby hungry :)

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