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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anthro Style Ruffled Scarf

Don't you just love Anthropologie? I love everything about it...except the prices. As a mom I don't really have the luxury of buying expensive clothing. So I have to improvise. This time by making my very own version of the Catch and Release scarf. There is a great tutuorial on this scarf I found HERE.
So I figured I'd give it a go. Problem...I do not know anything about textiles. I really want to take a textile class to learn more. My main fabric I sew with is cotton so I need to gain some experience sewing with different types of material.  She recommends a light and flowy cotton. I couldn't find anything that I liked in that area. So I went with this amazing light and a little bit silky polyester blend. However the fabric that I chose did not work with elastic thread. It wouldn't gather so I had to improvise. Here is my version:

1. Cut you fabric 90"x18".
2. Fold over the sides 1/4" and press, then another 1/4 inch and press. Next you will sew this hem down.
3. Fold the scarf in half and press. Then open it and fold in towards the middle crease with both sides. This will make 3 pressed folds and will be your guide for your stitches. (you can mark them but I just used the press marks)
4. Using a loose stitch sew down each pressed line and leave the ends long for gathering. Then gather at each end making a ruffle effect. Repeat until you have ruffled all three lines. You might have to do some adjusting so that they are even. Your fabric should be about 45 inch long by the time you are done.
5. Tie off the thread at the ends to hold the ruffles in place.
6. Fold over the ends 1/4" and press, then another 1/4" and press. Sew this hem down.
That's it!. Problem with this method is the ruffles may shift which they won't do with elastic thread so if you can do the elastic thread.

But I'm not done. White is a little boring so I wanted to try and dye it another color. I wasn't sure how the fabric would react to the dye so I just decided to go with it.

Here is how to use dye:
1. Fill a pot of water that will cover your clothing, 1 cup of salt, and put it on the stove to boil.
2. In another measuring cup add 2 cups of hot water, the dye packet (I used Rit dye), and a cap full of vinegar. Mix together and add to the water pot.
3. Get your fabric wet and put it on the water pot. Bring the water down to a simmer and continue to stir the fabric around. Leave the fabric in the water, stirring consistently, until it is a little darker than your intended color (some of the color will come out during the rinse).
4. Once you have the color you want rinse the fabric in the sink starting with warm water and gradually bringing it down to the cold water. Rinse until the water runs clear.
5. Throw the clothing in the washer and wash with laundry soap. Then put it in the dryer to set the color.
 **Again polyester does not dye well so my scarf turned out a bit lighter than the intended color of mustard.  But I still like the lemon yellow color. Cotton fabrics dye the best.