Friday, March 4, 2011

FUN FIND FRIDAY - paisley onesie

I have been using foam stamps with fabric paint on everything lately. It is easy and fun!! I plan on dedicating an entire post to foam stamps soon but for now I'll just share a project I finished today. I recently saw this really cute paisley tee:

I am Momma Hear Me Roar provided the instructions to recreate it. You can find her original post here. Can you believe I actually found the same stamp at Hobby Lobby an entire year after the original post? Woo hoo. I had big plans to make myself a shirt but decided to try it on a onesie first. It turned out perfect!

The onesie was small (size 3 -6 m) so it didn't have a lot of room to stamp so I let it overlap the back a little.

I made a matching headband...

and bib...

to make a perfect little gift set!

We are seeing friends tomorrow that are expecting their second child in a few months. This gift is perfect!!

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Tina said...

This is so cute, the card is adorable, too. I can't wait till you dedicate a post on how to paint on fabric with stamps. Tina W.