Friday, February 17, 2012

Baby Gifts

I don't know what it is about Spring but for some reason I have a ton of friends expecting this year. Most of which are due in March or April. Lots of pregnant moms means lots of baby showers which means lots of baby gifts. I usually try to make something for baby gifts because lets face it $30 for a baby blanket is a little absurd to me when I can make it for half the price and twice as cute. So I have been collecting ideas for baby gifts lately and actually taking a poll from friends on what they would like if they were expecting. One overwhelming response for a boy is those tie onesies. I know we have seen them time and again but everyone seems to love them and they are truly so easy to make.

Here is what you need:
-onesie (I like Carter's because they are soft and true to size)
-stitch whichery or wonder under (they are basically the same thing and found in any fabric store)
-fabric for your tie
***A sewing machine and coordinating thread

Cut out your tie shape. I free hand mine on the back of the fabric but you could make your own pattern piece. Cut your fabric and wonder under the same tie shape. Iron the wrong side of your fabric onto the rough side of the wonder under. Peel off the paper from the wonder under and iron on the tie to the onesie. Then I like to go around the tie with a zig zag stitch to seal the seams and keep the tie in place through washings. I added some fabric belt strips to the sides for some suspenders.

I also made these great burp cloths out of cloth diapers and fabric. This is a great little gift and so easy to make. Personal, fun, and useable for any mom.

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