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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Maxi Skirt, Maternity Edition

A growing baby belly = expanding waistline. Which means time for some new additions to the wardrobe. I have a lot of maternity cloths from my previous two pregnancies but there is something about a new clothing item that makes a person feel good. So I decided to try to make myself a maxi skirt. The perfect summer bottom. I found some amazing jersey knit in plum at Joann's and just went for it.

I started by using a maxi skirt that I already owned. I used it as a guide to cut out the body of the skirt. Then I added a strip of fabric for the waist (yoga waist bands are the best during pregnancy). It was 10" wide and the length of my waist on the skirt body. (FYI: 16" waist, 40" long). You will need 2 body pieces and 2 waist band pieces.

Next with right sides together pin and sew along the sides of the skirt using a straight stitch.

 Now take your two waist band pieces and sew together at the sides using a zig zag stitch for stretch. This will create a circle.

 Fold your circle in half with wrong sides together to make a thick circle.
 Place the circle over the top of the skirt body with the skirt body wrong side out. Pin in place matching up the side seams. All the raw edges should be matched up.

 Sew using a zig zag stitch all around the top. You could also use elastic thread for extra stretch (like in my case to make room for an expanding belly).
Press all your seams open. Then at the bottom of the skirt turn up the bottom 1/2", press, and turn again another 1/2". Sew your hem in place (I used a zig zag stitch just in case).  Turn your skirt right side out, flip the waist band over the top, and enjoy the comfort of a cute new skirt.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Homemade Gifts-I Can Make That

Welcome to another edition of I CAN MAKE THAT.

Homemade gifts are tricky. I think they can go over one of two ways:
1. if done well the receiver may feel that it is a very special gift since it was homemade and full of heart.
2. if not done well the receiver might think..."oh what a cheap skate, can't even get me a real gift."

Well this year I took the homemade approach. Every year my husband's side of the family chooses a name out of a hat. That way we don't have to give to everyone. It is really fun to figure out what to give each other and since you just have one person to focus on you can really put some thought into the gift.

This year I drew my SIL Caitlin (she doesn't read this blog so I am not worried) but CAITIE IF YOU ARE READING THIS POST STOP!!! So back to the gifts. The first was the subway art with her last name on it. You can see that post here. Then I saw the perfect apron floating around Pinterest and instantly thought of her. She loves Harry Potter, we are talking the biggest fan. Read all the books several times points out all the missing parts in the movies. I bought the patch from Amazon and a genuine Harry Potter tie online (total cost for both $12). I wanted it to look genuine so I spent a little more on the items that make it a true Harry Potter item. At first I tried tying the tie but it was too big and bulky so I ended up cutting out a tie shape and sewing it on. All I did was trace a basic apron shape and curve the bottom. Then add a black gathered rectangle to make the bottom ruffle. Outline the whole apron in black bias tape, add your straps, add the little touches (tie, patch, pockets) and you are done.

Another gift that I made was a watch for my other SIL Marissa. She found this watch on Etsy for $70.

Cute watch but WOW on the price and I worry about buying something like a watch on Etsy. What it if doesn't work? So I told my MIL I could make one like it for her. I used this tutorial and it is REALLY easy to make. I couldn't find a watch face that I liked. I searched and searched (Michael's, Joann's, Hobby Lobby) no luck. So I used an old watch of mine that I never wear anymore. Then I used a skinny belt I already owned. All I had to buy was the rivets. I love it, I might even make one for myself out of another old watch.

Hopefully the girls will like the gifts and know that even though they may not cost much to make you can't put a price on something from the heart.

I have one more homemade gift to share on Thursday so please come back.