Friday, August 24, 2012

Fun Find Friday-Pinterest Week 6

Another week of great Pinterest finds. I keep telling myself to STOP PINNING because I have so many I haven't tried yet but I just can't stop. Hopefully I will get around to them some day. In the meantime here is what I found and loved this week.

 How to Get Koo-Aid (and other bright spills) Out of Carpet I think every mom needs this tip!
This navy and orange outfit is adorable. I love the relaxed feel but with fun accessories.
 Basic Pea Coat with some inventive additions. My little man would be so cute in this coat this winter.
 Celestial Pumpkins by Martha Stewart. Simple and gorgeous pumpkin carvings to light up a Halloween path.
 White chocolate, Cranberry, and Strawberry rocky road. This would be a great Christmas treat for the neighbors and teachers.
Popcorn-filled vases. So simple and festive. I just love the orange glow.
So far 44 boards and 3,400 pins. I have made probably 30 of those pins. I'm on my way!


Samantha said...

I feel your pain, I'm obsessed with pinning too!

Out of you have a link for that gorgeous lion coat please? xx

A Couple of Craft Addicts said...

When I pinned the coat it was just the picture, sorry no link back.