Monday, August 27, 2012

Pink Bib Dress

Ordering all these new fabrics has put the sewing itch in my side. This weekend I made 2 dresses for Elizabeth. The first was my own design. It is a simple bodice that buttons up the back and has a pink pleat bib front. It was inspired by this picture I found on Pinterest.


I was instantly attracted to the color combination and the stripes. However when I was making the dress I was watching Project Runway and questioning my design and color scheme. One thing I learned is just go with your gut. 
This dress started out a t-shirt dress but I didn't like the look of the bib on the t-shirt. So I cut a bodice and lined it. This bib is cream stripes with pink ruffle trim that I bought at the fabric store because why would you create the ruffle pleats if you don't have to right?


Then I used a casing to make an elastic waist and added a basic red and white striped skirt to the bottom. I embellished the bottom with jumbo pink ric rac and mini pink ric rac.  

I did start out making a tutorial for this dress but I changed my mind so many times that I gave up on the tut. SORRY. I am actually really happy with the way the dress turned out. It kind of reminds me of a Candyland dress which is great for a little girl. And since it is pink my daughter loved it. She is really easy to please.

She looks so grown up in these pictures. I can't believe she is almost 3!


Crystelle Boutique said...

Soooo much cuter than a regular T-shirt dress! You outdid yourself!


Teresa Kline said...

this is the cutest dress, great job! hope you have a fabby week!

enjoy *~*

Daffy's Dream said...

wow! very pretty dress!

Suzanne Winter said...

such a sweet dress - and your little model is gorgeous. ~Suzanne (

Haven said...

Super cute dress! I love the combination of colors and different designs!

Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

Super cute and I am an expert b/c I never miss an episode of Project Runway.