Saturday, June 9, 2012

Maxi Skirt, Maternity Edition

A growing baby belly = expanding waistline. Which means time for some new additions to the wardrobe. I have a lot of maternity cloths from my previous two pregnancies but there is something about a new clothing item that makes a person feel good. So I decided to try to make myself a maxi skirt. The perfect summer bottom. I found some amazing jersey knit in plum at Joann's and just went for it.

I started by using a maxi skirt that I already owned. I used it as a guide to cut out the body of the skirt. Then I added a strip of fabric for the waist (yoga waist bands are the best during pregnancy). It was 10" wide and the length of my waist on the skirt body. (FYI: 16" waist, 40" long). You will need 2 body pieces and 2 waist band pieces.

Next with right sides together pin and sew along the sides of the skirt using a straight stitch.

 Now take your two waist band pieces and sew together at the sides using a zig zag stitch for stretch. This will create a circle.

 Fold your circle in half with wrong sides together to make a thick circle.
 Place the circle over the top of the skirt body with the skirt body wrong side out. Pin in place matching up the side seams. All the raw edges should be matched up.

 Sew using a zig zag stitch all around the top. You could also use elastic thread for extra stretch (like in my case to make room for an expanding belly).
Press all your seams open. Then at the bottom of the skirt turn up the bottom 1/2", press, and turn again another 1/2". Sew your hem in place (I used a zig zag stitch just in case).  Turn your skirt right side out, flip the waist band over the top, and enjoy the comfort of a cute new skirt.


Unknown said...

Super cute!!

EH said...

Hi, Thanks for the tutorial! I have a couple of much fabric did you buy and how tall are you? I don't want to buy too much fabric! Thanks much in advance!