Monday, June 11, 2012

Draw String Shorts

I make so many clothes for my daughter, sometimes I think that my son feels left out. Every time I make him something he is so proud. He tells everyone, "my mom made this for me." It really is so sweet. I recently saw some seersucker on the clearance isle of Joann's and decided to take advantage of a good deal. I bought some in both blue and green strips and made a few easy pairs of shorts for Jack.

Shorts are really easy. I just used a pair of shorts that he currently likes to draft a pattern. There is a great pattern on MADE if you don't have a pair to go off of. The first pair are just basic elastic waist shorts. But the 2nd pair I changed it up a bit. Here is what I did:

Instead of making an elastic waist I created a draw string waist. Begin by folding the top of the shorts down (shorts should be insideout) about 1/2 inch. Press.
 Then fold the shorts down another 1/2 inch and press.
 Now with the short right side out and make a mark where you want your drawstring to come out.
 Find a small button and with the folds unfolded, create two small button holes.
 Turn the shorts inside out again and refold the top the the shorts to where your original pressed folds were. Top stitch the folds down all along the waistline. Create a draw string by cutting the fabric 1 inch wide and folding the right sides together. Sew down one end and along the long side. Flip the tube right side out, tuck in the open end, and sew down. Use a safety pin to pull the draw string through the waist band. Tie off the ends.

I also added pockets just for fun. I didn't create a tut for that part but if you want to see the basic steps you can look at this post.

He loves them, lived in them for 3 days. A classic look.


Unknown said...

These are so cute! I’d love for you to share this project on Tuesday’s Tidbits @ Naptime Delights:
Thanks so much!

stacy sews and schools said...

TOO CUTE!! I love them!! It's always so hard to find cute stuff to make for boys.
Thank you!!

Pinspiring Leah said...

Sew Cute!! I found you through Sew Much Ado, and now I'm a follower!


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