Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fabric Find Tuesday #4

I am now 6 months pregnant and planning a month long vacation which means I really need to get going on the baby's crib bedding and room decor. I love creating bedding for each baby. Something that is just theirs, because most of what this little boy will be wearing and playing with are hand-me-downs. I like basic patterns and shapes but with a little twist. For this little man I am thinking "Owl Always Love You" and this line from fabric.com is perfect.

It is premier prints Hooty Owl Village

I love the colors. Rust, vintage blue, brown, and lime green. Perfect for a little boy. Now I just have to decide on what design I want to make.

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Tina said...

Those fabrics will make a beautiful bedding set for your new baby boy! Congrats to you, can't wait to see pictures of him.