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Guest Post: Rochelle from The Lying Quill and a Giveaway

Guest Post: Rochelle Reynolds from The Lying Quill

Rochelle is an amazing stay at home mom following her dream. We all had dreams when we were younger. If you ask children what they want to be when they grown up the answer might be, "ballerina, astronaut, superhero." As we grow our dreams change, become more sensible. But Rochelle has kept her dream alive and is living it today.

Rochelle has provided a few tips and background to her journey of fulfilling her dream. I hope you enjoy it and are inspired to live your dreams as well. Take it away Rochelle.....

All of us have talents, something that we love, and frankly, just HAVE to do.  Crafting. Music. Weight-lifing. Knitting baby boots while watching Silence of the Lambs (you might need some counseling). Gardening. Tanning. Sewing. Writing. Why yes...I do believe that's me!

cover design: Jason Johnson
After six years of plotting a fantasy novel and two years of rewriting and revising, I submitted my 146k word 'baby' to a round of agents. Twenty or so. Someone had to bite, right?

I cut my novel down to 114k words, and then came round two, three, four...I mean, you'd think the odds of getting represented would be in my favor after 65 submissions. Everyone was offering words of wisdom and consolation. This author was rejected 15 times. So-and-such got 25 rejections. Kathryn Stockett had 60+...

After ten years of plotting three novels, one short story compilation and self-publishing two books, I decided it was time to share this knowledge, however little or great it might be, with those out there like me...who have a passion for something and refuse to give up!

Whether you are submitting a fiction or nonfiction book, the process is basically the same.
1. Find agents
2. Submit to said agents
cover compiled by: Jason Johnson
3. Read rejection letter(s)
4. Lock yourself in the hall closet then bawl hysterically
5. Submit some more
6. Feed children (oh yeah...I forgot about thems!)
6. Look longingly at agent-published books and daydream about being on Ellen, making a fantastic dancing entrance
7. Move on to other projects...

In honor of going public, there will be a book GIVEAWAY - y'know, a FREE book actually two books will be up for grabs. You must enter the giveaway by June 1st. Go to The Lying Quill for helpful websites, tips on finding agents, the process of submitting a book and finding optimism with each rejection letter - or what I refer to as a slap in the face.

Happy Crafting...and Writing!

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