Monday, April 16, 2012

Someone Call for a Superhero?

My son turned 4 this week and we celebrated with a Superhero party. He has really been into imagination and Superheroes so this party was perfect for his current interests.

We started out with Mr. Freeze capturing all our favorite superheroes and freezing them in ice. The kids had to save the Superheroes by spraying the ice with hot water from their squirt guns. The kids loved it. We told a story beforehand to get them excited and then they were so pumped to try and save the heroes.Next we painted Spiderman masks. I bought the masks at Joann's in the $1 section. What a cheap and easy craft! I love a craft that shows the kids creativity as well as being low cost.

Then we dinned on pizza and strawberry lemonade. Every Superhero's power food, lol.

Next we all became Superheroes ourselves by creating our very own capes. I cut the capes out of felt and added sticky Velcro circles for the closures. Then I cut out a variety of shapes from presto felt (it is felt that already has sticky backs). The kids assembled the capes themselves. Again creativity and the glory of being the Superhero they all dream of becoming.

Once all the kids were in costume we finished the party games with a Superhero scavenger hunt. I made a key with all the Superhero characters then I placed their matching logos all over the house. The kids had to match up each logo to the Superhero on their sheet. It was really nice to see the kids helping each other find the logos they needed for their sheets.

We finished the party with a Spiderman cake and pinata and the kids took home all the candy in Superhero gift bags. It was a super party for my little super man.


Jill Carilli said...

Awesome job Jess!! Great party! The kids must have loved all the hands on activities! :) Happy Birthday to Jackson.

Unknown said...

This is so cute! I know a five year old nephew who would LOVE this! I'm having a red, white and blue themed party on my blog to celebrate Memorial Day and July 4th. Would love if you'd link these up!

Have a great day!

Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

Such a fun theme for a party. You did a great job w/ all the details.

L said...

What clues did you use for the hunt?