Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Updated Business Cards for SNAP

I don't use Twitter nearly as much as I should.  Although I'm not very active I do want to share my contact information on my business cards.  I already have cards and don't want to order new ones for just one added piece of information.  Today I came up with the perfect solution - I created a sticker to add to the back of my cards.
My cards had a completely blank back which gave me plenty of room to work with. 
I'm going to the SNAP conference later this week and know I will be meeting a lot of new friends.  Last year at Creative Estates I came home with so many business cards and I struggled to put a face to every name.  This year I hope people will remember me.  But just in case they don't, they can flip my card over and see my picture! 

I created the image and then printed it onto shipping labels.
I trimmed the edges and then stuck my face and Twitter info onto the back of my cards.
I'm excited to hand these out later this week!

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