Sunday, April 15, 2012

Colored Denim for SNAP

I've been obsessed with adding color to everything in my wardrobe this week.  Thursday it was earrings, Saturday it was a belt, and today it's jeans.  I have a new shirt I plan to wear at the SNAP conference but was having difficulty finding pants to wear with it.  The only option that seemed okay was jeans.  But I wasn't thrilled with the combination so I decided to take a risk and dye my jeans.  I love the outcome!
My grandma is the queen of scoring awesome garage sale finds.  Last year she gave me an entire box full of old Rit dye.  I'm not sure how old the dye is and if it expires but I decided to pull it out for this project.  I was aiming for fuchsia so I planned to mix red and blue dye. 
Instead of stripping the jeans of color before I used the dye I decided to ditch the blue and dye the jeans with only the red.  The previous blue tone of the pants mixed with the red dye made the perfect shade!  You just might see me at SNAP rocking my new colored denim!
I love the updated look of this outfit!


Kristina Clemens said...

Wow! What a rich color that turned into. Great DIY project! =)
Kristina J.

Taylor Asay said...

What a darling outfit, it really looks great!!