Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Behavior Stars

We have been working on my three year old daughter sleeping in her own bed at night.  She is getting more consistent but we needed to step it up in the incentive area.  We needed something to show her how close she is to achieving weekly goals.  Last week she was taking a short nap and I quickly put together a chart with behavior stars.
I printed a paper with "good" and "naughty" in different sections.  Then I slipped it into a plastic sheet protector.  I used hot glue to attach strips of velcro.
Avery write-on dividers were perfect for this project because the stars could be erasable.  I wanted to be able to write on each star as a reminder of what my daughter did, good or naughty.  Any shape would be suitable but an old star cookie cutter worked as a great pattern.
Stars were cut from each divider and then small pieces of velcro were glued to the back.
I used an old wipes container as a storage box for the stars and a mechanical pencil.
Now we are working on getting more good than naughty stars on the chart! 
My daughter completely understands that her goal is to have more good than naughty stars.  She begged me not to put that naughty star on the chart yesterday.  Unfortunately she has yet to sleep in her own bed all night with out coming back into our room.  I'd be willing to give her five good stars for that behavior!  Maybe tomorrow...

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