Saturday, September 10, 2011

"When Pigs Fly..." party shirt

I was really excited when Jessica asked me to make Elizabeth's pig party shirt last week.  The pig theme sounded like so much fun and I couldn't wait to paint a flying pig on the shirt!  I'm really happy with how it turned out and from Jessica's post yesterday, it looks like Elizabeth loved it too.
I started with foam stamps, fabric paint, and white cotton fabric to create the wording.
I carefully stamped the letters onto the fabric.

While the letters were drying I started working on my flying pig.  I had a hard time creating an image myself.  I borrowed something from an Etsy page that I can't find again.  I made the shirt really late and I thought I had saved the link.  I feel horrible for not linking back to the artist.  If you know the source to this cute piggie, please email me! 
I printed the image and then used a black marker to trace the lines.
I put the paper directly under the fabric and traced the pig with a fabric marker.
I used fabric markers to make the lines darker and then added some rosy cheeks.  Then I ironed both fabric pieces onto fusible backing and attached them to the shirt.
I stitched around the patches, added some rhinestones, and went to the post office with Elizabeth's birthday package the next day.  Such a cute little party girl in her new shirt!

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