Monday, September 12, 2011

Sweater Makeover

I was up late one night on Pinterest when I came across this adorable sweater from J.Crew. I love the print on the sweater. So it got me thinking...I have so many sweaters I should try and recreate this. Another"I can make that" moment. Here is how to do it yourself.

Start with an old sweater. I chose this one because it was cheap (Target $15), old, and stained.
I figured if I screw it up it won't matter because I never wear it anymore anyways. The first step is to cut the panels out of the front of the sweater. I cut down the sides, around the arm, across the shoulder, and then down the front making sure to keep the sweater panel of buttons in tact. Then I cut the bottom panel off the argyle panel. I also cut the button panel along the neckline. Here is what you get when you have all your pieces cut.

Now you are going to use your front panel to create the new panel. I used just a simple cotton. I also gave 1/4 inch allowance on the cotton because the sweater material stretches more than the cotton. Once you have your new panels cut out you are going to begin to reattach your sweater.

Being by pinning and sewing the bottom panel to your new cotton panels. Make sure to use lots of pins, try not to pull on the sweater material, and I used a zig zag stitch to attach the panel. (I will use a zig zag stitch for all my stitches on the sweater because the sweater material pulls.)

Next I attached the button panel to the cotton panel. Again use a lot of pins and try not to pull on the sweater material. Also make sure your buttons line up for both sides of the cotton front.

The next step is to attach the neckline panel to the cotton panel making sure to match up the top button with the other buttons.

Now the front of your sweater is completely in tact. (sorry about the little toes, Liz wouldn't move)The final step is to reattach it to the rest of the sweater. Begin with the bottom and make sure the armpits line up. Then work your way around the arm hole and up the shoulder. Now you are DONE! A sweater remake that looks just like the J.Crew one.

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Unknown said...

Great idea to keep this project simple! I might try this makeover on a few things hanging in my closet...or I might even try to find some ugly cardigans on clearance somewhere... :)

LoeLaLoep said...

That turned out very nice! Well done :)

Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

Awesome! I love a great sweater re-do! I dedicated an entire week to it last week. Thanks for linking up.

Kristin said...

Wow! I would totally wear this. Great job!