Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Updated chair cushions and ruffle

Isn't this chair pretty?  I especially love the pretty cushions and pink ruffle!
The chair didn't always look so cute.  A good friend asked for a little help with the rocker she had in her daughters' bedroom.  Her daughters are now two and four years old.  She has been rocking both of them in that rocker at night since her oldest was newborn.  She told me instead of buying a new chair when she found out she was pregnant with her oldest, she opted to use the rocker her husband had in college.  He had no clue about the history of the chair.  Prior to its first makeover, it looked like this:
My friend's mother-in-law sewed cushion covers and a ruffle to match their first nursery.  The ruffle was attached to the chair with velcro.   I don't have a picture of the chair with the yellow cover but this is the removable ruffle:
My friend asked if I could make her new cushions with pretty fabric.  She had no interest in keeping the original cushions so we met at the craft store to buy foam and pick out fabric to start from scratch.  Instead of taking the chair to my home for the project, I used the yellow covers as guidelines for the new cushions and covers.  I didn't have the dimensions of the chair and it had been months since I'd seen it in person.  I was nervous about using only the previous covers as guides.  I hoped for the best when I brought the new cushions to my friend's home and was super excited when they fit the chair perfectly. 

I did not make the ruffle removable like in the previous makeover.  I tacked the ruffle directly to the chair. 
The ties matched the ruffle and added just enough pink to the top of the chair.
The cushion covers close with velcro in the back so they can easily be removed and washed.
My friend's daughter loved her new chair!
I'm pretty sure her mommy was happy with the outcome too!

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