Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Month To Win It final project follow up

You might recall that both Jessica and I were contestants on One Month To Win It.  You saw Jessica compete in the first season and I was in the fourth season.  The site just received a pretty makeover and it looks like they are making some fun changes to the competition.  Go check out the competition!

I realized I never wrote a follow up post to my final project in the competition.  I ended up getting third place with my bathroom beach art project in the final week .  Unfortunately the art and wall didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped.  The timing of the final week was horrible for me.  My husband and daughter were sick with the flu and I didn't have any time to really commit to the project.  I literally painted the wall the day before the post was due.  The canvases weren't completed until the next morning.  I am extremely competitive and felt horrible submitting a project I could have done better.  I am not upset because I didn't win...I'm upset because I could have done so much better with my project. 

The wall was in serious need of touch ups.  For months I scheduled time to get it done but never actually made it to the bathroom with my paintbrush.  I actually started avoiding this room because I didn't want to be reminded of the lingering task on my to do list. 
Last week I finally decided I had to fix that wall.  Originally I had big plans to use a small paintbrush and touch up every circle.  I made a quick decision to completely paint over the blue instead.  Maybe one day I'll try using that stencil again but this week I was in no mood to save what I had already done.

I started by taping...
 then I painted...
and painted...
until I no longer cringed at the site of the wall.
Brown is not a color choice I normally would have made but I had a full gallon sitting in the closet.  I purchased it last year from Lowes for only two dollars from the mixed paint clearance shelf.  I didn't want to spend anything on this project so I opted to use the brown.  I'm happy with the new wall and won't be explaining myself with, "oh, don't mind that wall, it needs touch ups..." each time a guest comes over.

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