Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Decor

This week I got out my fall decor bind ready to decorate my new house. I love this time of the year. But when I opened the bind all I found were a few pumpkins. BUMMER. So that gave me an excuse to make some fall themed crafts. Thanks to Pinterest and some great deals at Hobby Lobby I took my boring home and made it into some autumn love.Lamp Shade: Walmart
Ribbon: Hobby Lobby
Felt Roses: tutorial below

Wreath -Hobby Lobby
Pumpkins (glitter and regular)-Hobby Lobby
Ribbon-Hobby Lobby
Felt Roses-tutorial below

Click image to get the printable

Lantern:Burlington Coat Factory
Pin cones: my yard
Pumpkins: Hobby Lobby


Cut your felt into a large circle. The larger the circle the larger the flower.
Cut the felt in a circular/spiral pattern weaving as you go.
Leave a circle at the end. Here is what it looks like.
Take the end and begin rolling it, pinching with your fingers as you go. The looser the roll the more full your rose will be.

Hot glue the flower to the circle at the end.
Ta Da
Then I hot glued the roses to the bottom of my lamp shade and added the ribbon around the top. I didn't glue the ribbon so that I can change it based on the season.


Unknown said...

Great idea to put pinecones in your lantern!! I'm going to do that too!!!!!!!

Chris said...

Hi Heather & Jessica,

I just love the felt roses you made. I shall have to try and make some, they look so easy. Great job. I found and am following you both through Bloggeritaville and hope to visit often. Please stop by my blog also and perhaps you could follow me. I would like that. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris