Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Which One???-Wowzer Wed

I am currently in a quilt exchange. Sounds like fun right? A group of women from my MIL's ward are doing a quilt block exchange and they invited me to participate. Here is the idea: we all make 16 quilt blocks measuring 12.5 inches from the same fabric line. Then we give each women one of our blocks so everyone has a block from each other. All your blocks need to be the same design that way each block on the quilt will be different. The line they chose is Moda's Fresh Flowers (I LOVE MODA).It is a little bright but I still like it.

Anyways, I am suppose to be done with my quilt blocks by Sept. and I have really been dragging my feet. When I agreed I thought what a fun idea and a good opportunity for a master bedroom makeover. Now the summer has gone and the deadline is creeping up on me. And now I am thinking maybe this wasn't such a great idea. (Have I told you I have a little problem with commitment? Not to my spouse but in regards to appointments, deadlines, that sort of thing). I am really having trouble deciding which quilt block to do. I want something simple and fast. I am not the best quilter so simple is good. Here are my two ideas:


This one has a strip of straight, then a ruffled, then straight, then ruffled, then straight.

I should probably mention that I bought a jelly roll and that is what I am planning on using to make either of these blocks.

Here are my arguments for each:

I like the first one because it has a lot of colors which will incorporate well with the other blocks I receive.

I like the second one because the ruffles will really add some dimension to the quilt. Plus it is a lot easy than the first (less cutting and measuring which tends to be my downfall).

So what do you think?


Unknown said...

Definitely #2!! It's different and will surely stand out to most! Plus, the ruffles completely remind me of something you would make!

KendasCrafts said...

I think the first one would be best. The ruffles are cute, but will be a pain in the butt to quilt. The first block doesn't have to be too difficult. You could sew strips together then cut out the squares that will be on either side of the solid. (does that make sense?)