Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sew Along-Swim Suit Cover Day 3 Attaching the Hood and Bias Tape

Welcome to Day 3 of the swim suit cover. I hope all is going well. This has been a rocky first run but I think we are making our way through it. I know I am learning a lot for the next sew along.

Today we are going to be attaching the bias tape to the arm holes and neck and then attaching the hood. Hopefully you have your bias tape made or bought and are ready for this. It is fairly simple because the arm holes are open so the ends of the bias tape can be open. First you are going to pin the bias tape around the open raw edge of the arm holes. All you have to do is slip the bias tape over the edge and use lots of pins to hold it in place.

The neck is a little tricky. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of this step but here are some pictures that should help the process.
1. Take your bias tape and fold it in half with the inside facing out. Stitch across and back stitch a few times. Then flip it so you have a nice edge.
2. Place your bias tape over the neck line and pin in place. At the end that is unfinished you need to leave a pinch, not an actual pinch just a centimeter of space for you to repeat step one on the other side.
3. Repeat step 1 with the open end.
DO NOT STITCH IT DOWN YET.Now you are going to attach the hood. The trick is to place the hood under the bias tape. You can do this 1 of 2 ways. You can sew the hood to the neckline and then sew the bias tape on top or you can pin it really well and do it all at once. If you are somewhat of a beginner I would suggest sewing the hood on first. I am lazy sometimes so I just did it all at once. Make sure your hood is facing the right way when you stitch it and make sure you stitch both the lining and the outside of the hood.Next finish stitching all the bias tape down and you should have this.

Tomorrow we will finish it up.

Thanks for sticking with me. As I am writing each day I realize how much I am leaving out in regards to pictures. Next time much better pictures.

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