Friday, July 29, 2011

Sew Along-Swim Suit Cover Day 4 Finishing it Off

Sorry about the delayed post today I am still having some family issues. However I wanted to make sure you got your post so that you can finish off your cute cover up in time for the weekend. And I must say since our family will be in California next week on week 3 of our month long vacation Elizabeth will be using hers loads on the beach.

Okay, lets finish this up. First thing is the pockets. I didn't actually take pictures of this part because it was a late addition but I will give you a short breakdown. I put my pockets in the side seams and finished the top with some bias tape. Start by sewing the bias tape along the top of the pocket piece using the same finishing technique as the neck. Then pin your pocket to the front with the side in the seam. I just stitched the pocket directly to the front of the dress without folding the edges underneath because with knit there is no fraying. Stitching it directly using a zig zag all around except the top, giving it a ruffled look. Then stitch up both sides with right sides facing each other. Now it looks like a cover up.
Next you are going to turn it inside out and you are going to measure the width of the backside of the dress. Then you are going to cut a piece of 1/2 inch elastic this length. Next you need to make 2 measurements. First measure 3 inches around the front of the dress on both sides. This is where the elastic ends will finish.
Then you need to measure about 2 inches from the arm pit on both sides as your measurement for a guideline to keep the elastic straight. Finally stitch the elastic beginning with your mark on the front side of the cover up all the way around the back and around to the other mark on the front of the dress. Make sure to pull the elastic tight as you sew it so you get the synching that we are trying to achieve. You might not need all the elastic that you cut. Also back stitch each end to keep the elastic in place. Now you cover up has some shape.

Next you will finish by using some of your bias tape to make two loops for the front closure. I just stitched the tape together (hot dog wise) to make 2 stripes. Make sure to finish your edges as you did with the neckline before you sew it together. Then place your strips in loops along the neckline with the buttons on the opposite side. I alternated mine just because I like the symmetry. Make sure to pin them in place so there is no movement during sewing.

Sew your loops down and your buttons down on the other side. You can do this on the machine or by hand. And voila you are finished. I didn't even hem the bottom because you don't need to with knits. You can if you want.
Thanks to all that have participated. If you did make one we would love to see your finished product. Email it to us at I appreciate your patience with my first time. I have learned a lot, I hope you have too.

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