Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sew Along-Swim Suit Cover Day 2 Front slit and hood

Day 2 Creating the slit and making the hood.

Hopefully you all have your pattern pieces cut out and are ready to begin sewing. I am going to go very slow. If you are using a knit fabric you might want to use a ball needle, I didn't. The ball needle just keeps the knit from stretching too much and keeps your stitches straight. If you are not using a ball needle you can do a zig zag stitch on the smallest stitch length. Also try not to stretch the fabric as you sew it, in other words don't pull it tight. Just hold it in place as best you can. Now that we have covered that lets get to it.

First you are going to sew the front slit where you will put the buttons. For this part you need your 5"x3" piece and the front of the cover-up. You need to place the piece in the center of the neckline with the right side down. Then with invisible ink or a pencil draw a line down the center stopping about an inch from the bottom. Next you need to sew about 1/8 of an inch away from the line all the way down to the bottom mark, sew across making a L shape and then back up the other side 1/8th inch away from the line. Finally cut down the line and flip the piece to the inside of the bodice. It should look like this:Add Image
If you want to you can top stitch the piece down but you don't have to. (I didn't remember to take pictures of each step but if you want to see it done here is a great tutorial).

Next you will sew the front and back pieces together at the shoulders. So with right sides together pin the front to the back at the shoulders and stitch using one of the methods I mentioned above.

Now it looks like a cover up for x-rays. We will get to the sides tomorrow.

Now we are going to make the hood.

Taking your two pieces (the lining and the main fabric) you are going to put right sides facing each other with the lining on top.

Now using one of the methods I mentioned about you will stitch all the way around the outside of the hood. I am going to say where your face will be leaving the bottom open. Then you will flip the hood right side out and top stitch around the face to hold the fabric in place. Here is your finished hood ready to be attached (tune in tomorrow for that part).

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