Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sew Along-Swim Suit Cover Day 1 Pattern

Welcome to our first sew along. Sorry for the delay I had a family emergency this weekend and then some internet problems but I am ready to go now and so excited to see your creations. This is my first sew along so I am sure there will be holes and places for more instruction so please feel free to comment and ask questions as we sew along.

Day one creating your pattern. You will need a fitted t-shirt to use as a guide for your pattern. Take your shirt and trace around for the front and the back of your dress on some tissue paper or taped together computer paper. You can use the same neckline as on the shirt for both the front and the back. However you will need to add some length to make it into a dress. I like a more aline shape. This will be the body of the dress. If you need more help with this there is a great tutorial on outlining a shirt here.

Next you need to make the hood pattern piece. For this piece I used a hooded sweatshirt (it doesn't really matter what size because most hoods are the same). You need to fold the hood in half and trace the inside line where the face comes out and then around the back of the head and down the neckline.

Next you need to make the pockets (optional). I made my pockets to go in the seam so they are round on one side and flat on the other side and on top.

Now you have all your pattern pieces you will need to cut them out. Of the main fabric you need to cut out 1 back piece on the fold, 1 front piece on the fold, and 1 hood piece on the fold.

Of the lining fabric you need to cut 1 hood piece on the fold, and some strips of 2 inch bias fabric to make tape for the neck and arms. (You can also use bias tape for this part if you don't know how to make your own bias tape).

Last you need to create a small piece of the main fabric that will be for your button closure. This piece is 5"x 3".

Here is a picture of all the pattern pieces (minus the bias tape). I wish I would have taken better pictures. Like I said a learning process good to know for next time.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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