Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shoe Chart

Birthdays are not just for the birthday girl/boy. In my opinion birthday celebrations should be for the mother too. I mean seriously they are the ones that carried you for 9 long months and went through all the pain in the delivery. With this thought in mind I decided to give myself a gift in honor of my son's 3rd birthday this weekend.

Okay not really. But I did want to make something for me that would remind me of my little one and how much he has grown over the last 3 years.

I present to you the SHOE CHART.

On another note do you use tacky spray for anything? If you don't you should. It is amazing. Just spray it on your materials (wood, fabric, paper, whatever), let it sit for 30 sec or so, and glue whatever you want together. I used it to glue fabric to the back of my photo box board. Then I took 3 pairs of shoes my son wore at each age of his life and tacky sprayed those to the fabric board. Ideally you want some shoes that aren't too beat up or totally dirty but come on HE IS A BOY, so I did the best I could. Next I cut numbers out of felt, sewed them onto pieces of felt I cut into shapes and then tacky sprayed that to the board.

The last part was mod podge letters and hot glued buttons. My son even helped me with the letters. He tore the paper and I glued it on the letter. He really thought that was fun tearing the paper to pieces. Then I hot glued the letters to the front of the photo box. Last I took some ribbon that he picked out and made a bow. Then I stapled the ends of the bow to the back of the box. And now I have an adorable keepsake to put in his room and remind me of how much my son has grown... too fast I might add.

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