Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun Find Friday-Patterns...Where to get them?

A lot of you have probably wondered where I get my patterns for the kids clothing I make. Yes, I admit it I do use patterns for some of my designs. My theory is try a pattern, the work is already done for you. If you don't like that pattern change it. That is what I do. I use a pattern as a base and alter it to what I like. I have tried tons of patterns. Patterns from etsy, patterns from blogs, patterns from fabric stores. Some were amazing, some were impossible. As I have grown in my craft I have started to make more and more of my own patterns but I wanted to share a few shops that have patterns I love.

Oh So Sassy
Great style and inventive. I fell in love with the Daphne dress and have used parts of it in other projects. My only critic is the pattern has a few holes in it. This is definitely not for the beginning sewer or pattern reader. The sewing is simple but it is hard to follow in places.

Little Lizard
Wonderful, simple designs. Step-by-step instructions. I have bought several patterns from this shop and love her designs. Great price for the pattern you get.

Heidi and Finn

Very popular designs. Simple and chic. I loved the hoodie design and the tunic. Beware, the pattern runs small. About 2 sizes too small.


I saw a skirt with a large waistband and I thought that is adorable. I really want to make that. So I started with the skirt which was a simple flowing skirt with an elastic waistband. Then I created the top a semi-circle with trim along the top. I used heat-and-bond to give it some stiffness so it would stand up. Then I added straps to make it into a halter style and added the trim fabric to the bottom. So it went from a skirt to a halter dress. Sometimes that start with one idea and you end up with something completely different.

Really simple, clean designs. Nothing flashy. That is how to start creating your own. Simple designs, simple shapes, and clean lines. Get out there a design your own. What can you lose?

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