Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wowzer Wednesday - "sewing" with a two year old

My husband and mom share the same birthday (day, not year). Happy Birthday! Every year I have fun trying to come up with something special for both of them. This year was easy for my husband because our daughter was very interested in making her own special gift for him. Last week I asked her what she wanted to give her daddy for his birthday. She thought about it for a minute and then said, "a teddy bear for him to snuggle with." I had the perfect get one of those stuffed animals you color and let her decorate it for his gift. When we went to Joanne's with our 40% off coupon, I was disappointed because they didn't have any coloring stuffed animals. But we did find a great Build A Bear kit to make your own little bear. She picked out a "bear" that I think looks more like a monkey. It's was her gift, not mine.

We don't have any pictures of my daughter actually using the plastic needle and sewing the bear because I was helping her carefully stitch in the designated holes on the fabric. It took us a couple of hours but she was very focused and we eventually had the bear all sewn together.

My daughter had a lot of fun stuffing the bear and she wouldn't let me help.

I let her use fabric markers to "decorate" the bear's shirt. She was so proud of her finished bear and couldn't wait to give it to her daddy!

He loved the gift!! Mr. Bear is now sitting on top of the desk in his office.

Take note that the box suggested this project for ages six and up. I took a big risk allowing my two year old daughter to make this! Fortunately she was actually able to do just took us two hours longer than it should have!

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