Saturday, April 9, 2011

Creative Estates!

I am so excited to share all the fun things I've already done at Creative Estates! Today is the last day of the conference. I was going to share some pictures of the fun I've been having but it's cold and rainy this morning so my short commute has probably been extended to 45 minutes (Arizona drivers - including myself - forget how to drive when it rains!) I really need to be getting ready to go!!

I've met some insanely creative woman and had the opportunity to talk to a few people I already adored. Hopefully I'll take a lot of pictures today!

I have learned a few really important things:
1) I need a silhouette (hoping to win one today!)
2) I need a letterpress
3) We need a blog makeover (Jessica, I'll call you later this weekend...)
4) I need more money to spend at the handmade market!
5) Most importantly, yesterday I learned I really needed an active Twitter account to interact with all these super incredible friends. I ran home and got started...I'm on Twitter!

Tomorrow I'll give you a full update and share pictures.

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