Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chalkboard gallery wall

Chalkboard walls are everywhere right now. Everywhere. I've seen them in playrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and offices. I've seen them used as coloring walls, idea boards, calendars, and serving many other purposes. I've had a small jar of chalkboard paint for about a month because I bought it on sale. I have been looking at it everyday thinking I needed to finally paint something. I had a very difficult time deciding which wall to paint. It was silly to waste so much time thinking about something I could easily paint over if I didn't like it (well, maybe not easily but it's not permanent!). I made a decision and I painted!

There is a small space between the closet and door in my craft room. Looked perfect for a chalkboard!

I didn't measure because I am impatient and figured everything was probably measured when the house was built. I am aware this isn't always the case! I lined up my painters tape against the trim around the two doors and then just eyeballed the tape on the bottom and top (RISKY!).

I painted three coats of paint with one hour between each application. I also turned on this room's fan and opened the window for the breeze to help the wall dry quicker.

I was very happy to see the wall when I removed the tape. Even though painters tape has never let me down, I'm always terrified to remove the tape after I've painted. Some weird fear has me envisioning paint everywhere and the tape laughing wildly as it peels off the wall. Strange, I'm aware.

Only a few places need touch up paint due to our textured walls.

I decided this wall was perfect for me to glance over and smile so I put pictures that make me happy.

Silly chalk frames are drawn around each picture.

I am excited to use some frame templates to draw pretty chalk frames for a gallery wall. The best part about this wall is I can change it everyday if I want!


Tina said...

That turned out so neat! so cute to see Robbie there, too. Wow, he was about 8months old then.
Have you ever used magnetic paint? I'm just wondering how well it works. TinaW.

Hope on Oak said...

super neat! I was just thinking that also-about the magnetic paint. I cant wait to try this out!