Friday, March 4, 2011

Covered Button Earrings

I have seen fabric covered buttons many times and got a great idea to try something different with the buttons.

Never again will you have to try to find the perfect pair of earrings. Just make them yourself.

Supplies: Scrap fabric, glue gun, round shape buttons (any size but make sure it has a flat back), earring posts and backs.
First cut your fabric into two small squares. I tried measuring the button size first to make sure the fabric would cover the entire front and back of the button.
Wrap the fabric around the button and glue into place. I started with one corner and moved my way slowly around the button. This is the tricky part because you want to get the fabric as smooth as possible and there is not much fabric to grab onto. I would advise you to practice a few times before gluing.
Glue your post to the back.

Your finished project! This project has the 3 essential components I love in crafts

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