Friday, February 4, 2011

Petti Skirts

Don't you hate how kids grow out of clothing so fast? My daughter is super tall for her age and I feel like everything is too short on her. Even if it fits her in the waist. I am sure a lot of you have this problem with your girls so here is the solution. PETTI SKIRTS. Easy, simple skirts that you can make to go under any dress or skirt. I made a few different styles this week to play around with the idea.

The first has a layer of ruffles along the bottom in a different color to contrast with the skirt portion.

The second has one white fluffy ruffle along the bottom hemline.
And the third has a few layers of tulle, ruffled along the hemline giving it more of a tutu look.

These are super cheap options to extend the lifetime of your favorite dress or skirt. They look good under almost anything and most of the time people can't tell that it is not part of the actual dress.

All you need is some cheap white cotton fabric (I found some for $1.99/yard and I only needed 1 yard to make 3 skirts), 1/4-5/8 inch elastic, and whatever kind of trim you want for the bottom.

-Cut 2 square shapes the length that you want. For a 2T the length was 10" and the width was 16".
-Sew the sides together to make a tube using a 1/4 inch seem.
-Fold down the top 1/2 and inch, two times and press (this will be your case for your elastic)
-Stitch around the pressed part to create a casing, and make sure to leave a hole to put the elastic through.
-Use a safety pin to pull the elastic through the casing. (I leave the elastic long until I measure it on the child).
-Fit it to the child's waist and tie a knot. Then finish you stitching to close the hole.
-Add your trim to the hemline (ruffle to the bottom, gathered tulle, lace, whatever you want).

And you are done.

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