Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flash Back-Flip Flop Week

I feel like things around my house are finally calming down. The in-laws are on their way to New Hampshire and we have the house all to our selves again. It was a long process but my home is finally organized and unpacked enough that I feel like I can start crafting again.

I decided to get started by visiting my old friend, my sewing machine. However after months of not touching it I came to realize that my machine is broken. YUP broken. In fact so broken that repairing it would cost more than what the machine is worth. Therefore I get to buy a new machine! YAY. My gift from my hubby for all the patience I have shown living with his parents over the last 4 months. My new machine hasn't arrived yet so no sewing projects for now but I have big plans once it arrives.

I was looking back on past posts and was reminded of our first big series. Flip Flop Week. Just in time for Old Navy's big flip flop sale. All flip flops are $1 this Saturday. It is flash back time, check out these creative ideas and go buy yourself a new pair of flip flops for $1 this Saturday.

Just a few of my personal favorites.

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