Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kids Craft-Wood Frames

I totally forgot to post this for Mother's Day but it is way too cute to not share with all of you. I was out of town for Mother's Day this year, on a Caribbean cruise with my husband's family. The trip was "adults only" so my lovely sister and mother came into town to watch over my 3 kiddos. I was away from them for 11 days, way too long by the end of the trip I was really missing my babies. And we were apart for Mother's Day. When I did get home I was greeted with many hugs and kisses as well as these adorable picture frames.

The frames are from Michael's in the $1 section. The kids painted the frames themselves and put all the stickers on. My sister helped with the hand prints and taking the pictures of course.  I love them. This is such an easy kids craft but great momentos at how precious our little ones are in our lives.

I think they would be great for Father's Day as well.

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