Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Bloom Dress

I love using Pinterest as a medium for new ideas. Sometimes I will see something and think..I can make something like that. My most recent pin was this adorable dress, perfect for spring.
I love the plain color but I really wanted it to be a little more whimsical and fun. So I let my daughter pick her fabric (she choose pink naturally) and I got to work.

for a 3T you will need 1 yard of fabric, 1/2 yard of contrast for the ruffles, 3 buttons (or buttons to cover), matching thread

1. Start with a basic bodice pattern using a well fitted t-shirt. For more information on this check out THIS post. Using your basic bodice (make sure you have a front and a back, the back neck should be slightly higher than the front) draw a diagonal line starting about 1 inch from the inside of the shoulder. The back piece needs to be 1 1/2 inches wider of the center line for the overlap of the buttons.

2. Cut all your pieces:
       -2 front pieces on the fold (1 front, 1 lining)
       -8 side panel pieces
       -4 back pieces
       -Skirt piece: 2 rectangles measuring 15" long and 44 " wide (my dress was really poofy so if  you want a slimmer look you can make your skirt panels shorter in the width.)
       -2 strips of contrast fabric: 2"x 44"
       -2 strips of contrast fabric: 2.5"x44"

3. Pin the front bodice piece to the back bodice pieces at the shoulders with RST. Sew together. Repeat with lining pieces. Press seams open.
4. Match the side panels together at the shoulders. Stitch together with RST.  Press seams open.

5. Using your strips fold over 1/4", press, fold another 1/4", press. Top stitch in place. This creates a nice hem. Repeat with all the strips. On the other side sew a gather stitch along the top length keeping the ends of the thread long for pulling. Gather to make ruffles matching it to the side panel. Press the ruffles flat.
5. Lay the pieces down in the following order:
    -Bodice top right side up
    -2" strip right side down
    -2.5" strip right side down
    -side panel right side down matching shoulder seams with bodice top.
Pin all 4 pieces together (I used a lot of pins). Stitch together using a 1/2" seam. Press open so ruffles face up and out.
6. Stitch lining pieces together the same as the top pieces omitting the ruffles.
7. With RST pin top piece to the lining. Stitch around the neck and arm holes. Flip the bodice right side out and sew the sides together.
8.Turn the bodice over and mark your button holes. Use your machine to make the button holes in the back. Add your buttons.

9. With RST pin the skirt panels along the sides and stitch together. This makes a large tube. Along the top sew a gather stitch. Gather the skirt tube until it is the same size as the bodice top. With RST pin the skirt top the the bottom of the bodice. Sew in place using a 1/2" seam.
10. Turn dress right side out. Finish the hem by folding under 1/4", press, fold 1/4", press. Top stitch in place.

***If I could do this again I would make the ruffles wider and I would sew them about 1/2" from the neckline instead of an inch. I would also make my skirt less full (but my daughter wanted it nice and full for twirling. You gotta love little girls and their twirling.)


Karen said...

The dress is adorable and your daughter obviously loves it. I agree with her about the fullness of the skirt. Fuller is better! Thank you for the detailed instructions about the ruffles.

Shaffer Sisters said...

Really great job! I love that photo of her spinning-she is in love!
Great Job Momma!
with love,

sallyavena said...

Another great look! Very cute!