Wednesday, January 16, 2013

kids craft-Thank You Cards

It is always important to send thank you cards whenever you receive a gift. I have been very dedicated to this custom all my life and want my children to know how important it is as well. So this Christmas I started the tradition with my daughter and asked her to help me make the cards. I still wanted them to look nice, so since she is only 3 years old we started with some small additions she could make to the cards.

I found some adorable "handmade for you" stickers and instantly came up with the idea of putting Elizabeth's hand print on the cards.

She helped me cut the paper for the background into squares using my sliding paper cutter and then we painted her hands and stamped them on the cards. Add the Thank You and handmade for you stickers and we were done. Then I wrote the thank you notes for her.

As she grows and learns to write I know she will be able to make the cards alone but for now it was a really fun project.

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