Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wood Pumpkins

Yesterday we had a girls craft day. I love these days. Great company, good food, the kids played, and we all get to go home with something fantastic that we made ourselves. I hosted and really wanted to make these 2x4 pumpkins from Lolly Jane.
It was kind of a crazy day trying to get all the supplies while dragging my 4 and 3 year old along but we made it. I started at Lowes but they wouldn't cut the 2x4. So onto Home Depot where the worker not only assisted me in cutting my 2x4s but gave me the left over pieces so a total of 12 pieces only cost me $1. Talk about a fantasticly low cost craft. I already had the paint, ribbon, glue, and nails and we gathered sticks from our yards for the tops.

There are full directions on Lolly Jane but here are some tips I found.

-glazing with the black paint. Use a wet paper towel and dip it in the paint. Then focus on the sides and crevices of your wood.
-I liked bows instead of just ties for the ribbon on the top as well.

They are rustic yet pretty and I love them outside my door next to my pumpkin sign. I was so pleased with the end product, and all the ladies were happy with their pumpkins they got to take home.

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