Monday, October 22, 2012

Tangled Hair

I think my kids finally decided on what they are going to be for Halloween. It is a very difficult decision because they are both totally in love with costumes and dressing up. Finally I put my foot down and told them to choose. Elizabeth chose Rapunzel from Tangled. She already has the dress but in order to really become Rapunzel she needs the long, golden hair.

Enter mom and grandma. We started with golden yarn. We used the entire spool cutting pieces about 90 inches long. Once the entire spool was cut we split the pieces into 3 sections. Then I added a purple ribbon to one of the sections. I twisted each section just to keep the yarn tight and in place. Then I tied the sections together using a rubber band at the top.

Next we braided the sections together, tightly. (This is very important because the yarn comes loose if it is not braided tight. If you want a thicker braid just use more yarn.) I used a rubber band to hold the bottom of the braid together. Then I measured the braid around her head to make a large loop (make sure this is tight or a little smaller than her head because the yarn stretches). I held the loop in place with another rubber band and tuck the end underneath the braid. Then I covered each rubber band with a ribbon tie. You can also add flower clips or glue flowers to the yarn for the full tangled effect.

Elizabeth has been running around the house talking about how beautiful her magical hair is and how much she loves the braid. I think it really completes the outfit, bare feet and all.


Dash Interiors said...

So cute love the pics!
Cute blog!!
Have a great weekend girly!
Your friend,

Carla said...

That was so cool how you made the long golden hair. Yes the barefeet makes it all complete.
Adorable pictures. She'll be the envy of her little friends.

Kp said...

oh my goodness that's so adorable. I can't even imagine the magic world she's created to live in while she runs around in that hair!

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