Thursday, September 13, 2012

Showcasing your Baby Bump

There are a lot of photographers out there! A LOT! So what will set your pregnancy and baby apart from just another cute face or beautiful expecting mom? Other than your personality, creativity in photographs can show your style and ingenuity. Here are a few of my favorite photographs I have seen floating around the internet to help you and your favorite photographer become inspired.

The announcement!

 Family pictures for a soon to be big brother.

 Silhouette, so much prettier and classy for someone who isn't comfortable showing off their naked belly.

 MY FAVORITE. Dress your bump up like a present.  The special person inside will be the greatest gift you will ever be given.

Announce the sex for future memories.

However you choose to showcase your bump make sure to make it special and something that is uniquely you.

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Carla said...

Some cute poises. Thanks for sharing.