Monday, September 24, 2012

Kids Bathroom Makeover

The kids bathroom has been in need of a makeover for awhile. We have 2 bathrooms in our home and both were very grown up. I wanted a fun room for the kids to go whether just taking a quick potty break or enjoying a hot bubble bath. I wanted something gender nuetral that still had a clean style but with a fun component. Then I found this adorable frog themed bathroom collection at Walmart. I fell in love with the froggy accessories and the colors.

But once it was all set up there was something missing. So I decided to create a canvas artwork for the wall above the towel rack.

I used 3 blank canvases and painted them teal (my daughter even helped with the painting).

Then I took a picture of one of the frogs on the shower curtain. I used Photoshop to manipulate the pictures size and color and printed it on matte photo paper. Next I used white vinyl to create the hopping lines and mod podged the frog to the canvas.

I think it finishes the bathroom off, with a fun design and the kids love to talk about the hopping frog. Now they have their own bathroom and I don't have to worry about kid mess in my nice (always clean) master bathroom.

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