Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fabric Find Tuesday #5

Do you shop Spoonflower?   I have to admit I don't because honestly I can't afford it, but I often find myself wondering over to the website from time to time just to lust after their designs. If you have a special project and are willing to spend a little extra dough, please check out this website. The designs are incredible and there are so many options.

The great thing about this website is the basic designs are avaible is a plethora of options. For instance


WOW! I just love all the textile options for the same print. Also there is an option to create your own fabric. You can create an image and send it directly to Spoonflower. They will then print your design on your requested textile.

Here are a few prints that caught my eye recently:

Birds Mod by Avelis
Pea shoots by holli zollinger
dallpled migration by kayajoy
chevrons coral by holli zollinger

Maybe if I save my crafting money for a month and decide on a really great project I can make my first Spoonflower purchase?

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