Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mod Podge Covered Composition Notebook

I attended so many great workshops and heard so many awesome speakers at SNAP last week.  I knew I would be taking a lot of notes so I made a pretty notepad with our logo.  I remember last year at Creative Estates wondering who people were.  I wanted to make sure if you happened to bump into me or were sitting across from me at a table during a session, our logo would be one of the first things people noticed.
-composition notebook
-Mod Podge and brush
-scrapbook paper
-washi tape (not pictured)
Start by coating the cover of your notebook in Mod Podge.  Do your best to get a nice even layer so you don't have bubbles when you add the paper.  
Trim your paper to roughly the same dimensions of your notebook.  I say roughly because getting it perfect really isn't worth the stress.  Trimming the paper later is easy.  You can see in my picture I have a little gap between the edge of my paper and the black tape down the middle of the notebook.  Not to worry, the washi tape will cover any mistakes.
Apply a smooth layer of Mod Podge over your paper. 
If you want to add an image to the book, do this next step.  It would be fun to add a picture to make a great gift.  This project might show back up for teacher appreciation week or Grandparent's Day!  Use Mod Podge to completely cover your image on the notebook.  Most of the air bubbles will go away when the Mod Podge dries but try to avoid too many bumps.
I used washi tape to cover the little slice of notebook peeking out from under the paper.  If you trimmed your paper perfectly, you can probably skip this step.  I think the tape made the notebook prettier.  I love the contrast of the two patterns together.
For the matching portfolio, I simply printed our logo onto a full shipping label sheet and then trimmed it to fit.  Super easy!

I made a notebook and portfolio set for myself and my SNAP roommate, Rebecca from Freckles Crafts.
My notebook had an extra conference tool hiding inside; I used Mod Podge to have the conference schedule on the inside cover.  This was incredibly helpful and a great tool for everyone sitting around me wondering where we were supposed to be going next.  I will definitely do this for any conference I attend in the future!

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