Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Purse to Camera Bag, an Easy Transformation

I currently have my eye on a pretty Jo Totes bag but I'm hoping my husband will buy it for me the color I want is out of stock.
Rose - Teal
Jo Totes Rose - Teal bag (picture source)
Prior to my new "upgrade" I was using my husband's old Nikon bag.  He called it vintage because it is probably over 20 years old.  Although I appreciated him passing it on to me I still wanted something a little more girly.
I remembered I had a big Fossil tote in my closet from a few years ago.  I loved the bag when I first purchased it but sadly it ended up in the closet as I was using a diaper bag more often than a pretty purse.
I pulled out the bag tonight and realized it has a great zippered center for my camera.
The Nikon bag had removable pads that fit perfectly in the space.
I still have two big areas, completely separate from the camera compartment, for personal items.  I have plenty of room to use this as a purse while I'm carrying my camera.
I went from thinking I needed to buy a new bag to spending nothing and being super happy with something I already owned.

If my husband asks, I would still really love that Jo Totes bag!!

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Strictly Sewing said...

Love the Fossil purse!!