Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dear Horrible Cold, Please Go Away!

This week certainly didn't turn out as I had hoped.  I've been trying to get over a bad cold all week.  I hoped I would be feeling better by Friday morning because I had a few things planned.  Yesterday I really wanted to attend the grand opening of Petite Party Studio, a great new local party planning shop.  Unfortunately I didn't feel well enough to go out and it certainly wasn't a good idea to share my germs with all the nice girls there!  I I thought I would surely wake up feeling great this morning and would be able to attend a fun local event with some Arizona blogger friends.  I took NyQuil and went to bed really early last night.  I woke up feeling the worst I've felt all week.  Bummer!  I missed the opportunity to meet Courtney Dial Whitmore of Pizzazzerie and pick up a copy of her fun new book, Push-up Pops, today at our local Barnes and Noble. 
Push-up Pops by Courtney Dial Whitmore: Book Cover
What are the odds of me actually having planned two fun things and missing them both because of a silly cold? 

I did get one fun thing accomplished today while I was sniffling away on my couch.  I registered for an introductory photography class at a local studio.  I can't express enough how excited I am to be going to a class with my camera before the SNAP conference!!  I really want to know how to use my camera out of the auto mode so I can take advantage of the photography classes at the conference.  Yay!

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Unknown said...

Sorry you're not feeling well Heather and sorry to hear you missed a couple of great events! I didn't make it out there either. Hope you feel better soon!