Saturday, February 11, 2012

A "New" Necklace from Broken Costume Jewelry

Today I discovered all the broken costume jewelry I have in my jewelry box.  I must have been holding on to it for years...I had a lot!  Instead of throwing it away I used the pieces from an old broken necklace to turn it into something I would wear again.

My mom gave me this odd necklace with turquoise colored plastic beads for Christmas a few years ago.  I wore it a lot because I really liked the color.
Eventually the clasps broke on the ends and I retired the necklace in my jewelry box.
Today I took it apart to salvage the beads.
I'm a big fan of mustard yellow and turquoise together so this little yellow ribbon was perfect for my necklace.  I used a needle to string the beads on the ribbon.
 Five minutes later I had a "new" necklace.

Go check out your jewelry box; you might have some broken treasures waiting for a makeover.


Sue Niven said...

Your necklace looks lovely, so nice and updated with lovely memories, well done.

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!