Saturday, January 7, 2012

Swim Shorts Makeover

I rarely get the opportunity to makeover a clothing item for my husband.  I was really excited when I showed him a new pair of swim shorts I "fixed" for him today.
I had picked up a pair of red swim shorts from Old Navy a couple of months ago.
I normally wouldn't just buy random shorts but they were on clearance and the store had an additional 50% off sale.  I bought these shorts for only $1.24! 
I showed my husband his new shorts and he said, "those look like lifeguard shorts!"  I knew he would wear them to preserve my bargain shopping enthusiasm but I also knew he would be looking over his shoulder wondering who thought he was a lifeguard. 

The shorts were sitting in a basket by our garage door for months.  I fully intended on returning them but never actually got around to going back to Old Navy for an exchange worth less than $2.  Yesterday as I walked by the "return basket," I had an idea: shorts makeover!  I searched online for some inspiration and found something with a splattered paint look.
I decided to try to recreate the splattered paint effect.  I used purple to neutralize the red.  Tulip's soft paint in a spray bottle was perfect and didn't make too much of a mess.
I let the paint dry overnight and then this morning I used freezer paper to stencil a design on one side of the shorts.
Purple and black fabric paint swirled together resulted in some purple, black, and marble grey stripes. 

The paint set for a couple of hours and then I carefully removed the freezer paper.

I'm happy with the outcome!
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Maureen said...

Oh what a great idea! Love it.
Thanks so much for sharing on Fresh Fridays!