Saturday, October 22, 2011

Easy Gift Bag and Matching Card

I really enjoy making gifts for people but often feel frustrated when it comes to wrapping.  I recently purchased a few plain white gift bags to stock in my wrapping box to avoid that frustration.  I embellished one and made a matching card for my daughter's little friend a couple of weeks ago.  The bag and card took less than 15 minutes to put together and turned out adorable!
-Plain gift bag
-matching thread
-plain card (folded cardstock) and envelope

I adjusted the tension on my sewing machine to ruffle the ribbon.  Then I sewed it directly onto the paper bag.   
I only sewed the ribbon to the front panel of the bag but you could easily continue all the way around.
Trim your edges of the ribbon and your bag is done!

I sewed the ruffles to the front of the card too.
You will be able to see the stitching on the inside cover of your card.
I cut adhesive cardstock to cover the entire inside of the card.  No more yucky stitches on the inside!
You now have a pretty card to match your bag.
I took this one step further and added some cupcakes and a number for the birthday girl!
Instead of using a plain gift bag, you can get even more creative and try using a shopping bag.  Extra ruffles would easily cover the store logos.  I'm never purchasing a cute gift bag again!

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