Thursday, October 13, 2011


Not every craft project we set out to make turns out the way we want. Over the past two weeks we have been crafting and sewing for ourselves. During this process I attempted a few crafts that didn't work out.

Spray Fabric Paint Chevron Shirt

When I was in high school I was really interested in Vis Com (Visual Communications). I loved it because it was a great class to apply my creative interests. One of the components I learned about was screen printing. I loved it! However now I do not have the supplies or the equipment. So I have been experimenting with alternatives. I came across this spray fabric paint in the craft store that I thought might facilitate the screen printing process. Paint from a spray can goes on cleaner and smoother. I wanted to use freezer paper but for some reason the grocery stores in New Mexico seem to have a shortage. I did find freezer tape so I thought I would give that a go.

I tried the spray on a scrap of white just to see how well it worked. The color wasn't great (a little too bright) but I figured I would try it.

Start by placing cardboard under the shirt to prevent the paint from going through the shirt. Cut your tape all the same length to create a zig zag.
Overlap the tape creating the zig zag stripes, just make sure to space them accordingly.
Then I sprayed.
Let it dry and this is how it turned out. my head it looked a lot better. Looking back, here is what I would change.
1. Paint on a white shirt
2. More zig zags...and spaced closer
3. Use freezer paper

I think the spray paint is a good option for fabric painting, my application needs some work.

Spray Paint Shoes:

I have seen a few people spray paint their shoes. What a great idea right? I can never find a good pair of red flats so I decided to take some initiative and make them myself.

Begin with some old shoes that you have cleaned well and spray paint.

Make sure to cover any surface you don't want painted. I covered the buckles, posts, and inside.
Spray an even coat over the shoes, let it dry and spray again.
Turned out FANTASTIC...until I wore them. After just one day the paint cracked and flaked off.

Maybe I will try to spray them again and try a sealant to keep the paint on the shoes.

So here is the bottom line, not every craft is a great idea. Sometimes you may fail. Sometimes there might be a hiccup. The point is to try new things. Experiment, take a risk, you might come up with something spectacular.

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Erin said...

thanks for sharing - I'm sure I have a gazillion bloopers that I could share. The thing is - it's still a learning opportunity. We learn what didn't work, which makes us figure out what might work next time around. Thanks!