Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ruffled Panel Top Sew Along-Part 2

Today we are going to make the ruffled panel on the front of the shirt and the button closure on the back.

Step 1: start with your panel measuring around 4"x24".

You are going to sew a single line down each side of the panel with a loose stitch leaving the ends long for pulling to make the ruffle. Once you have your stitch on each side pick one side and pull on one string creating a ruffle. Then repeat it with the other side. Even out the ruffles until they look similar and press the ruffle down.

Step 2: Lay your front of your top down folded in half. Measure over 1" and cut the center piece out of the top. Now you have 2 separate pieces. Pin one side of the ruffle to one of the front pieces right sides together. Sew these pieces together. Repeat with the other side of the front again with right sides together. Finish off your seams with a zig zag stitch or a serger to prevent fraying.Press the top piece. Now your front is done.Step 3: Now we are going to start the button closure in the back. For this begin by using a serger or zig zag stitch around the small panel you cut (measuring 3"x6"). Press this piece creating a crease down the middle (hot dog way). This is going to be your guide. If you want to you can draw a line using an invisible pen. Lay this piece on top of your back of the top starting at the neck crease on top of crease right sides together. Measure 1 inch from the bottom of the panel and mark it. Now you are going to start at the neckline and stitch down the line about 1/8" from the crease line, stopping at the mark you made an inch from the bottom. Stitch across the crease backtracking at least once. Now stitch back up the other side of the crease towards the neckline this time about 1/4" from the crease (this extra space will give more room for the elastic).Stop about 1.5" from the top. Now make a fish with your elastic. This will be your loop for the button. Place the back of the fish towards the crease and stitch up the remaining portion of the panel. This is what it looks like under the flap. Now cut down the crease line to the bottom of the stitches. Flip the outside panels inside the cut and press. I like to top stitch it down in place. Add your button and you are done with the button closure.
Tomorrow I will show you how to make the flower front if you are going with that style.

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Unknown said...

Jessica, this is very detailed!! Great job!