Thursday, September 8, 2011

Party Pinata

This week is my daughter's 2nd birthday! I can't believe how fast it has gone by. My baby is now a toddler (although she has been walking since she was 10 months and talking in full sentences since she was 16 months so sometimes I forget she is only turning 2). Anyways, the girl loves pigs so I decided to throw her a pig party this year. Everything is pink, polka dots, and piggies.

As an extra bonus I decided to make a pig pinata. I have to admit I haven't made anything with paper mache' since I was in 8th grade so I needed to do a little research. I found a very helpful website ( to give me some tips along the way. Here is what you will need to make your own pig pinata:

For the paste mix together:
2 oz school glue
3 cups water

strips of newspaper (I like strips and squares for the shape)
6 paper cups
a large party balloon
pipe cleaners for the tail
paint (I used spray paint)
tissue paper or crepe paper
goodies for filling the pig

*This entire process will take several days for drying so make sure to plan ahead.


Step 1: Blow up your balloon and cut 5 of your paper cups to about 2 inches tall each. Then you will tape the cups onto the balloon. One will go over the tied end (this is your nose) and the others on the bottom for the legs. Then cut triangles out of the remaining cup and tape them to the top (these are your ears).

Step 2: Mix your paste/glue together and get your newspaper ready. Dip the newspaper strip in the glue solution and then smooth it onto the balloon. Repeat until the entire balloon, ears, nose, and legs are covered. Let it dry. Then apply again. You will need to repeat this process 4 times making sure it is completely dry before applying another coat. It is important that it is dry otherwise when you pop the balloon the whole thing will collapse. I used a hair dryer to speed up the process (use with caution). Before applying the last coat curl your pipe cleaner in a loop for the tail and tape it to the back of the pig. Then apply the last coat of newspaper making sure to secure the tail in place.

Step 3: Once your pig is completely dry spray paint the whole thing making sure to cover all the newspaper. I used pink, naturally.

Step 4: Hold your breath and pop the balloon. Hopefully your pig has held it's plump shape. Next cut 3 sides of a small square in the bottom of the pig. Fill your pig with the goodies. Loosely tape the square back together.

Step 5: Cut squares of tissue or crepe paper to cover your pig. I used pink polka dot tissue paper. Use your glue solution to apply the tissue paper to the entire pig. I used a paint brush and several layers. Add your eyes and any other characteristics to the pig to give the pig some personality.

Step 6: Cut 2 small holes in the top of the pig and pull your string through the holes. Then hang it from a tree or beam and let the whacking commence!

This was such a fun project. Both my kids (3yr old, and 2yr old) helped me put it together and they loved doing a craft with mom. I can't wait to see them beat it open.

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Tina said...

That is absolutley adorable! Such a cute theme, too. Happy Birthday to your "not a baby anymore".

Brianna said...

Love the pig!

Elizabeth said...

it's nice to know that in the shopping windows in the Netherlands these pigs are... My daughter mades them also... look on my blog.
date; 2-9-2011 She made them a couple of month ago. Nice ain't it?
succes with yout blog!